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"sandman" sandy allen: Links

Sman's myspace
We haven't quite gotten the technical hang of it...another step toward world renown...
Preston Frantz / Hellbent & Heartbreakin'
This is the place to check out Preston's band Hellbent & Heartbreakin', in which Sandman is honored to play steel (lap & pedal).
Tamarack Lodge
Great music venue - see the best of acoustic acts from the Connecticut/Rhode Island area... in a wonderful, warm atmosphere. Very friendly staff serving excellent food and drink. Sandman performs here a few times each month, sometimes with his sidekick Mike P., sometimes with the acoustic Hoolios.
click this one for "Horses to Water"
Click this one for the "Anthology" album
The Rivergods
One of Connecticut's most popular, enduring bands. Sandman is an R'god.
Jim Carpenter
Fearless (well, overcoming his fears) leader of The Hoolios... excellent singer/songwriter/author/cajonist/contortionist
Chris Castle
I met Chris on his New England tour (8/08)... he breezed into New London for one gig and managed to book his band three other times in a week - what an inspiration! His travelling trio is excellent, his recordings are honest, wonderful representations of what he sounds like LIVE, and his songs are BRILLIANT. I love this guy. Can you tell? Check him out.
Blue Collar Happy Hour
This is the happenin' scene at the Bank St. Cafe in New London, Ct. Every Friday from approx. 6 - 8 pm you can hear the best in original/roots/Americana/rockabilly/country/all those things you can't hardly find 'round here. No Cover, friendly folks, big fun...
Michael Packer/ Windmill Music
Sandman's old friend & partner (Papa Nebo, Free Beer)
Ken Atkins
Ken is co-founder (along with Preston Frantz) of the Blue Collar happy hour at the Bank St. Cafe in New London, Ct. This link will tell you all you need to know about the BCHH, as well as Ken's band The HonkyTonk Kind.
Download tracks, or buy the album "Horses to Water", as well as other hard-to-find stuff.
Alan Lorber/Iris Music
Alan "discovered" and nurtured Papa Nebo & produced all the PN & Free Beer records. His impressive resume goes way back to some of the '50s & '60s hottest artists. Buy the Anthology Album here.
the orchard
The Sandman Anthology, all Papa Nebo & Free Beer reissues, plus hard-to-find & obscure reissues are available here.
halt music
Indies & up-and-comers from Austin
steady eddies world
Old friend "Steady Eddy" offers advice, philosophy & poetry. Very cool...
John Puccio is a sculptor living in Buffalo,NY. He's one of the colorful characters who inhabited the Village, back "in the day". Sandman was in a couple of bands with "J-Bones", as he was known then.
Rhode Island Songwriters Association. A very informative and useful site, with links to lots of artists/venues/happenings throughout New England. Sandman will often direct you to this link for directions to gigs.
kevin desabrais
Kevin is a prolific singer/songwriter, who's finally made a CD (available at his site). Sandman can be seen accompanying Kevin on occasion. If you've got shoes that need mending, Kevin is the man to see - He's kept a couple of pairs of the Sman's boots walking many years past their prime!
The Anthology album (collection of Sandman's youthful musings) is here.
jason wilder evans
Jason is a singer/songwriter with a low-key delivery and a story to tell. Well worth a listen.
Kevin Silvia
Energetic performer, excellent guitar player, real good songwriter.
Josie Crosby
Sandman first met Josie a year or so ago, playing at a bar where nobody cared. He saw her out front tuning her banjo & stopped back out of curiosity. She hosts a couple of open-mics & is making a splash around New England. Glad to see her getting the attention she deserves...she's an original.
The original! Several bands have appeared in the last 30 years using the name (I've run into a few of them in my travels). We were the first to record under the name. The group consisted of Michael Packer, Bob Potter, and Sandman, augmented on stage and in the studio by a cast of excellent musicians. Bob has done the work to put together this site. Check it out...
Bob Potter
One of the three Free Beer originators, and the keeper of the archives, Bob has been out of sight for a while, but recently, spurred by renewed interest in the group's music, has emerged to share all things Free Beer with the world. This site focuses on his own work, with and without FB...
Sandman on reverbnation
Hear tunes (you can buy a couple of downloads!), see video, become a fan, follow shows... Cool site, very useful.